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  • The short answer: No!


  • The longer, more in-depth answer: lightning protection systems simply provide a path of least resistance for lightning IF it is going to strike a structure. This safe path to ground enables the surge to travel from the tip of the air terminal (lightning rod) through the conductor, down to ground where it dissipates, leaving the structure unharmed.
  •  A video is worth a thousand words.  Check out this video about how lightning protection systems work!
  • Lightning actually does strike the same places more than once. Research leads us to believe it has something to do with ground water and soil composition, but lightning appears to favor the same places over and over. If you have had a strike on your property before, you are more likely to have another strike. There are several other factors to consider before we would tell you that you definitely need a lightning protection system, but having already had a strike is one of the factors that does indeed indicate a possible need for a system.


  • Check out this map of lightning strikes in the U.S. from 2005-2014 courtesy of Vaisala.
  • Our customer service is unparalleled in our industry. From our sales team to our installation technicians, we hire only the best! We are professionals in every sense of the word, we are problem-solvers who will do what it takes to get the job done, and done right. Our job is to make your job easier.


  • We know that for you, time is of the essence. That’s why (unless there is an extenuating circumstance) our in-house design team completes design and submittals within one week of receipt of a PO or signed contract. Because we are a part of Underwriters Laboratories’ QA program, we are typically able to provide clients with their Master Label certification and O & M manuals within one week of completing our close-out requirements.

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