Do Commercial Lightning Protection Systems attract lightning to the structure?

Our commercial lighting protection systems don’t increase the chance that your structure will be hit by lighting. It will however decrease the damage and injury of lightning strikes that may happen.

What codes & standards exist for a lightning protection system and its installation?

There are various codes and standards for the installation of a lightning protection system, but the three primary and most widely used/accepted standards are National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 780, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 96A, and Lightning Protection Institute (L.P.I.) 175.

Can things like lightning arrestors, suppressors and “whole-building protectors” protect my structure?

Not really. Things like surge protectors, arrestors, & suppressors are all very important parts of a full system, however they cannot protect a building from a direct lightning hit. Lightning Suppressors, Arrestors, & other protection equipment are best used in conjunction with a quality lightning protection system (which may include air terminals, grounding & bonding) if you’re looking for 100% …

What’s the difference between surge protection and lightning protection?

Most Surge protection systems only shields sensitive electronics inside a structure while lightning protection protects against external structural damage. Our Lightning protection also helps with destructive grounding surges. For 100% complete protection against lightning related damage, we suggest the installation of a lightning protection system AND a surge protection system.