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Commercial Lightning Protection

Protecting Your Data Centers from Catastrophic Damage and Power Failure from Lightning Strikes
Protecting your servers and staff from electrical surges and lightning strikes is crucial. Commercial Lightning Protection has the experience and equipment to ensure your data center is safe from the dangers of lightning.
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Lightning Protection Safeguards


Lightning Protection keeps your data and server racks safe from catastrophic failure due to lightning strikes


Lightning Protection prevents catastrophic structural damage to your data center, ensuring a safe environment for your employees and server racks.


With Lightning Protection, your employees will be safe and secure against the dangers of a lightning strike.

In an industry that is only concerned with the bottom line, CLP takes care of you with impeccable customer service. We are problem solvers who will do what it takes to get the project done and done right. Our goal is to make your job easier. We know that for you, time is of the essence. That's why our in-house design team completes design and submittals as soon as possible upon receipt of a PO or signed contract. Our exceptional installation team utilizes this design to install your system efficiently and so aesthetically pleasing that even the architect will be happy. Most importantly, our installers will ensure that all elements of the system are up to the codes and standards of NFPA 780 and UL 96A. Because we are a part of the LPI-IP inspection program and Underwriters Laboratories' QA program, we are typically able to provide clients with their Master Label/ Certificate and O&M manuals shortly after completing our close-out requests.

Every Project Includes:

Safety support & documentation

Operation & maintenance manuals

Project progress documentation

System integration testing

LPI Master Certification & Testing

Ground Resistance / Fall Potential Testing

And More!

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Client Testimonials

"Great communication and great job working well under less than ideal circumstances."

"Your commitment, attention to details, and precise processes in place are a GOLD standard for the industry. I was truly impressed with your whole operation, including the intense training you provide."

"Wes and the install team have always been great to work with."

"The entire process from receiving a quote to the Master Label was a breeze. The only delay was the weather which was beyond our control."

Commercial Lightning Protection did a great job for us on the subject project, Dave was very pleased. That includes their PM, superintendent, paperwork, billing etc. I can’t tell you how many LP contractors I’ve worked with over the years that are just mediocre. These folks operate like we do and have made the job painless. Hopefully you check with them on all upcoming bids and if they’re neck and neck or even a tad higher, they’re worth having on our team.

"The crew had excellent communication. The work was done well and in a timely manner. I really appreciate how quick the work was able to be completed."

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